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Upgrade existing SharePoint / SPSF project

SharePoint Software Factory supports automatic upgrade of existing solutions.
Upgradable Solutions are:
  • SharePoint solutions created with any previous version of SPSF
  • SharePoint solutions created with Visual Studio 2010 (non-SPSF)
  • SharePoint solutions in WSP Builder format
  • SharePoint solutions created with Visual Studio Templates for WSS (VS2008)
To upgrade the solution perform the following steps:
Step 1: Open solution with Visual Studio

Step 2: Check out the whole solution if under source control (Don’t forget to get the latest version from server if required)

Step 3: Go to Tools -> Guidance Package Manager
Step 4: Click “Enable/Disable Packages”
Step 5: Check “SharePoint Software Factory 2010” and click OK
Step 6: Click “Close” in Guidance Package Manager

Step 7: Right click in Solution Explorer SPSF Helpers -> Migrate Solution to current SPSF version
Step 8: The migration wizards appears, read the warning and click next
Step 9: Specify the necessary settings and click Next

Step 10: Activate the desired Code Quality checks which should be done on Release Build Configuration
(the code checkers have to be installed to actually do the checks of course)
Step 11: Click Finish.

Step 12: SPSF will adjust/create the project structure as follows:
The highlighted files will be replaced in existing SPSF projects. Your strong name key and the customizable deployment files will not be touched by the upgrade. The file “” of previous SPSF versions will be deleted in SharePoint 2010 projects.
For non-SPSF projects the files, folders and the ApplicationDeployment project will be created.

Step 13: Get started with SPSF by right clicking on the SharePoint project in the solution.

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