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SPSF SharePoint Software Factory 3.1

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Released: Mar 20, 2011
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Application SharePoint Software Factory SetupHelper
application, 18742K, uploaded May 24, 2011 - 4920 downloads

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Documentation Documentation
documentation, 3667K, uploaded Mar 20, 2011 - 744 downloads
Source Code SharePointSoftwareFactory.Source.3.1
source code, 33887K, uploaded May 10, 2011 - 420 downloads

Release Notes

The download contains a setup tool which guides you through the installation process and helps to install all prerequisite tools and recommended tools for SharePoint development.

You can also install the prerequisites manually.

Visual Studio 2010

Guidance Automation Extensions 2010

Visual Studio 2008

Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release

GAX Service Pack 1 (GAXP1409)

Changes in 3.1.

- New recipes for migration of projects created with previous SPSF versions
- New recipes for Silverlight
- New recipes for PowerShell
- New recipes for ribbons
- New recipes for Upgrade Actions for Features
- New recipes for application resources and classresources
- New recipes for workflows
- New recipes for Site Definitions
- Reworked multilanguage with resources

Project Structure
- Fully supports VS 2010 solution format
- Removed Texttemplating in VS2010 format (not needed anymore)
- Added fix in SharePointTargets.targets for sandboxed solutions
- Supports Team Build on TFS for 2008 and 2010 solutions (2010 need /p:isPackaging=true parameter)
- Support Quality Checks FxCop, StyleCop 4.4, SPDisposeChecker, ShareCop

- Added support for deployment of sandboxed solutions
- Reworked msbuild deployment scripts, now completely based on custom msbuild tasks

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bugs for Site Columns, Application Pages,
- Content Type Custom Forms
- List Defnition, List Instances

Steps to upgrade SPSF

1. Download latest release
2. Uninstall existing SPSF beta release due internal change of naming
3. Uninstall SPSF Help
4. Install latest release with the required prerequisites
5. Get started :-)

Upgrade existing SharePoint / SPSF project

SharePoint Software Factory supports automatic upgrade of existing solutions.
Upgradable Solutions are:
  • SharePoint solutions created with any previous version of SPSF
  • SharePoint solutions created with Visual Studio 2010 (non-SPSF)
  • SharePoint solutions in WSP Builder format (2007 or 2010)
  • SharePoint solutions created with Visual Studio Templates for WSS (VS2008)
Details see How to upgrade SharePoint projects to current SharePoint Software Factory

Hot Fixes
File version Fixed recipe "Migrate solution to current SPSF version", file SharePointTargets.targets not updated
File version Fixed recipe "ListInstance", Attribute "FeatureId" not set correctly
File version Improved installer (support for deinstallation of previous versions), Fix in SharePointTargets.targets for a customer, changed installation to "AllUsers" for central provision of SPSF in companies
File version
- Fix in MSBuild task because of timeout issue of a customer
- Fix in SharePointTargets.targets for customer TeamBuild
File version
- Recipe "ContentType": Add attribute Inherits="True" by default to ContentTypes
- All Recipes: Changed boolean attributes to uppercase value ("TRUE" instead of "true")
- Recipe "Empty Feature": Changed name of feature receiver class to make it more readable
- Recipe "Empty Feature": Added method FeatureUpgrading to feature receiver template
- DeploymentTargets.msbuild: Better sample for PowerShell execution during deployment
- Deployment.msbuild: Moved BeforeDeploy later to ensure stable undeployment
- SharePointTargets.targets: Moved quality checks at the end to execute checks at last step during build
- Upgrade Setup for VS2008 to WIX 3.5
- Fix in ListInstance Recipe: Attribute FeatureId points to correct parent feature id of list template
- Fix: If no projects are in the solution add new WSP created a HIVE template instead of VS template

Reviews for this release

Thank you so much !
by jbarbosa on Sep 27, 2011 at 8:47 AM
Very impressive project. Save me lot of time in my work.
by MichelCapdevila on May 21, 2011 at 1:34 PM