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New Recipes

Feb 14, 2010 at 9:48 AM

Lets disucss here possible new recipes for SPSF. Maybe you have SharePoint code from your project which could be standardized to a general recipe.

Mar 4, 2010 at 12:21 PM


I think it will be very interesting to import many Site Columns, Content Types, List Instances, and/or List Definitions, in a simple transaction... from a specified Site, or Web.

So we make dialogue boxes based on many panels, each one contains a grid (2D table) having all properties needed for a single import type (Site column, content type...) as columns. And the rows contain the items to be imported.

Thanks, and appreciations...



Mar 12, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Hi, and thanx so much for a really valuable tool.

I have a couple of questions about recipes, both existing and new. Basically, I am completely new to GAX and the recipe logic, but, just for clarification..

1. Can I use the recipes to edit artifacts that I have added to my Application, For instance, it would be great to have the ability to add a dependecy to a feature using the wizard. As far as I know, I can use the recipes to add artifacts, not edit them. If this is possible, is there any guidance on how this coudl be achieved?

2. Can I create new recipes as an extra project and just "bind" them with SPSF ? Or do I have to modify and recompile the source code? I am interested in the first apporach, as it favours decoupling; one could create new - or enhance existing - recipes, before they become part of the SPSF.

3. Also, could recipes be provided as "service packs" of SPSF, or a new complete install will be required when new recipes are included?

I understand that these questions lie in the gasp between SPSF and GAX, but - as I mentioned - I am a completely inexperienced in this approach. Any guidance is much appreciated.

Thanx again for this - based on my experience - milestone on sharepoint development.

Mar 14, 2010 at 9:25 PM


I am not sure if I entirely understand what you want to do:
- You want to import multiple artifacts (i.e. content types) from one specific site by selecting all of them in one import step (meaning on SPSF recipe)?
- Or do you want to import the settings for these artifacts from a table(i.e. an excel or CSV) to be able to create the neccesary code in one step instead of executing the recipe several times?
Plz confirm if I understand you right. Anyway either one is not possible at the moment with SPSF, but it would be possible as far as I know.

The best way would be if you post your request in the issue tracker as a new feature, so that others are able to vote for it.

Nevertheless, apart from bugfixes, currently all our efforts are focused on supporting VS2010.


1. In general, yes it is possible to edit artifacts through recipes. For example when you create a "Empty Feature" and afterward lets say a "Content Type" from which you choose the feature. The ContentTypes.xml is referenced automatically in the feature.xml. The same would be possible to realize your idea modifiying the feature dependencies later after feature creation. One would have to retrieve the FeatureDependencies XML part of the feature.xml, modify it and update the feature.xml.
As the recipies can execute any programming that wouldn't be too hard i guess.

As mentioned above you can add it as a feature request in the issue tracker, or (even more appreciated :-) ) you could try to implement it, and share your code! which leads to

2. Yes you can create new recipes  with the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GTK see download link in documentation tab). You can reference the SteriaMummert.SharePointSoftwareFactory.Base.dll an utilitze all wizard addons and actions we have created for SPSF. Your package can be deployed separatly to SPSF or we can include your recipes in one of our releases. To get a start, have a look at the source code for SPSF and make yourself familiar with the recipes and their coresponding code templates. If you need further assitance plz start a new thread and we will try to support your efforts as good as we can!

3. In theory, yes, you could add new recipes to an existing SPSF installation, but you could not be sure if the installed version is compatible with your "service pack" if you just copy the files into the installation directory. Especially if you have to update existing files like the RecipeBindings.xml. So the much better approach would be the way you described in 2. Just develop your own recipe package which can be installed along with SPSF. Another approach would be that you could add your new or modified recipes to the source code you can download here and provide us the package. We can then diff the changes you made and after thorough testing integrate it in one of the main releases of SPSF.

Thank you for your interest and feedback!
Expect more great things to come :-)

Mar 15, 2010 at 11:56 AM


Hi matein,

Yes, actually, I want to import multiple artifacts (i.e. content types) from one specific site by selecting "all or some" of them in one import step (meaning on SPSF recipe).

Like that, only one session has to be established between VS2K8 and Sharepoint Server.

And, great thanks for you matein.

Sep 27, 2010 at 3:26 PM

In SPSF 2010 some "refacotring" is now available.

For example you can add fields, feature receiver, event handler etc to existing content types.

We like to expand this feature for other artefacts, so go ahead and provide us some ideas :-)