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Getting Started

To unleash the power of the SharePoint Software Factory, the SharePoint application project has to fulfill some requirements like solution/project structure and existing configuration files. Creating such a project with SPSF does NOT leave you stuck with it forever. At any time you wish to continue development without SPSF, you can uninstall it and your projects will still be compilable and deployable. After successful installation of SPSF SharePoint SoftwareFactory you get started in Visual Studio.

Create a new project in Visual Studio

Start Visual Studio 2012 and click "File -> New -> Project" to create a new Visual Studio project.

In the new project dialog in the section "Guidance Packages -> SharePoint SoftwareFactory" choose the desired project template e.g. "SharePoint 2013 - Application".

Click "OK" and and the SPSF project wizard will open.

After clicking finish, a SPSF solution is created which contains a SharePoint project, an optional resources project and a deployment project along with the necessary solution files for automatic code analysis (only on release build), WSP packaging and SPSF configuration.

Read on how to use SFPF

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