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What is the technology behind SPSF?

SPSF is based on the free Microsoft Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX)



This toolkit is used to create software factories and several software factories are already provided by Microsoft, e.g.

-       WSSF Web Service Software Factory

-       SCSF Smart Client Software Factory

Is SPSF a framework?

We want to make sure that SPSF is not a SharePoint framework which has to be installed in SharePoint or has dependencies to custom assemblies for SharePoint applications.

SPSF helps to generate SharePoint code like an experienced developer would write. The generated code is based on our experience or taken from MSDN.

There is no dependency to SPSF. Projects created with SPSF can be opened and compiled on any other plain computer with Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010.

Can I browse the SPSF Help without installing anything?

The help is available online at

How do I deploy and debug SPSF applications on my local computer?

See chapter Deployment.

When running a TeamBuild of a SPSF application from TFS, an error occurs, that the manifest.xml and makecab.xml are read-only. How can I fix this?

The manifest.xml and makecab.xml are generated automatically on every build of an SPSF project.

To add support for a team build you have to exclude these files in all WSP projects from source control.

After that, TFS can generate the files by itself, if the TextTransform.exe is present on the Build Server.

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