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SPSF supports local deployment in both VS2008 and VS2010. Furthermore SPSF creates a deployment bundle of all web solution packages in your application for deployment on other server.

 Local Deployment

SPSF applications can be compiled by hitting F5 as any other project. Furthermore SPSF will deploy your solution to the bin-Folder or GAC of the web application you have configured upon creation of the project. The configuration can be changed for each solution package by using one of „Configure Project“ recipe.

The deployment process will retract the solution before deployment if requested, recycle the IIS application pool and will attach to the correct worker process for instant debugging.
As the whole process of compiling, deploying, recycling and attaching is a bit time consuming it might not be suitable for every little change.

The quick deploy recipes in  „Deploy and Debug“ menu will help you to use it only when necessary.

Deployment on other ervers  (e.g.TEST, INTEGRATION, PRODUCTION)

Compiling a SPSF application automatically creates a deployment package in the VS project with all SharePoint artifacts.
This package includes all .wsp solutions and deployment files based on MSBuild. With MSBuild you have full control over
the deployment process which often includes several steps (like deployment of solutions, activation of features, iisreset,
creation of sites etc.).

The deployment package includes batch files to start the deployment of the developed SharePoint application.
The deployment process (written in MSBuild) often contains parameters like web application URLs.
These parameters can be included in MSBuild-files or they can be collected from the user during the deployment.
SPSF provides several forms (like a setup wizard) to collect for instance the web application URLs for the deployment of the WSP solutions files.

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