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SPSF SharePoint Software Factory 3.2 (VS2008,2010)

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Released: Feb 13, 2012
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Documentation SharePoint Software Factory 2010.pdf
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Release Notes

Note: This version of SPSF supports VS2008 and VS2010. Development for this version is discontinued.
For development with VS2012 please use SPSF Release 4.1 (currently in beta testing)

New Recipes
  • Menu "List And Doc": Linq to SharePoint (imports the schema of several lists to LINQ classes)
  • Menu "BCS": Simple BCS Model
  • Menu "BCS": Import BCS Model from Database
  • Menu "BCS": Model BCS Model with classes
  • Menu "BCS": Quick Deploy BCS Model (undeploys/deploys BCS model via powershell)
  • Menu "Security": Minimal CAS, Medium CAS, recipes for single CAS Policy Items etc.
  • Menu "ASP.NET": WCF Webservice
  • code snippets added, partly from Thx to Ayman El-Hattab (
  • Added custom FxCopDictionary to allow project specific exclusions for abbreviations, keyword, acronyns etc. Dictionary will be automatically used in Realase build configuration.

  • ParametersDefault.msbuild sets RestartIIS to false by default
  • ParametersDefault.msbuild updated sample structure to allow easy setup of multiple deployment environments
  • In selection form of fields or content types the group is displayed (e.g. for field "Title" there are 6 results and no difference)
  • SharePointVersions.xml with current version numbers
  • Added BCS extensions (DBML, BDCM) to function "IsExcludedExtension" to avoid that model layout is saved to the WSP file
  • Change default.aspx in site defition Team Site and Blank Site to version 2010
  • In feature selection dialog a existing feature of allowed scope is selected by default
  • StartDeploy.bat: Made verbosity for ULSLogger configurable (previously it was always diagnostic)

  • Deployment.msbuild added " by default for stsadm path
  • Deployment.targets corrected stsadm and powershell examples
  • Codeplex ID 6253: Typo for Ribbon Group Document
  • Codeplex ID 6170: Webservice Error creating WSDL and DISCO when Windows SDK is not installed
  • Codeplex ID 6190: Code Snippets are not correct
  • Corrected FxCopConsoleOutput.xls to display Critical and Errors of FXCop in Release build as errors instead of warnings in the Error List of VS
  • Create inital .csproj.user with SiteDebuggingUrl for SharePoint WSP projects
  • ListInstance recipe refrenced language resources in global resource file, instead of feature resource file
  • Search for gacutil fixed
  • SharePointTargets.targets for HIVE: added parameter for text templating generation (" -P <path to referenced assemblies>") to allow loading of assemblies needed for SafeControl entry
  • SharePointTargets.targets: Changed $(IsDesktopBuild) to $(BuildingInsideVisualStudio) to allow team build in TFS 2010
  • MSBuild ULSLogger: Changed date format to InvariantCulture to overcome issues with ULSViewer
  • MSBuild ULSLogger: Applying log level to all messages to be able to reduce file size of log files for larger deployments

Steps to update SPSF

1. Download latest release
2. Uninstall existing SPSF release
3. Uninstall SPSF Help
4. Install latest release with the required prerequisites
5. Get started :-)

Upgrade existing SharePoint / SPSF project

see How to upgrade SharePoint projects to current SharePoint Software Factory


The download contains a setup tool which guides you through the installation process and helps to install all prerequisite tools and recommended tools for SharePoint development.

You can also install the prerequisites manually.

Visual Studio 2010
Guidance Automation Extensions 2010

Visual Studio 2008
Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release
GAX Service Pack 1 (GAXP1409)

Reviews for this release

A real time saver! Really helped me out!
by Vegas08 on Feb 5, 2013 at 12:44 PM
I have used it for generating BDC model for whole database and it took one minute to generate BDC Model for whole databse schema. It saved hundred hours of work.
by faisalrafique on Nov 21, 2012 at 9:36 AM