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SPSF SharePoint Software Factory 4.1 (VS2012-2013)

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Released: Oct 28, 2013
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Release Notes (2013-10-28) (2013-05-27)
Changes Fixes
  • Fixed: Updated spsf.targets because disabling SPCAF in local release was not possible due to a false MSBuild property (Get SPCAF)
  • Fixed: Integration of StyleCop on RELEASE build with project specific setting.StyleCop
  • Fixed: Integration of SPDisposeChecker on RELEASE build
  • Fixed: Integration of FxCop on RELEASE build with project specific setting.FxCop
  • Fixed: Creating a CodeAnalysisResults subfolder in the output directory
  • Fixed (Almost): CP7458 VS2012: SPSF Projects Context Menu not showing. Still requires to restart Visual Studio and opening the created solution again to show up...
  • Fixed: CP7459 Localization issue with SPSD_Deployment.ps1
  • Fixed: CP7436 Error when creating a new Custom Action
  • Fixed: CP7433 Exception when trying to add Custom Form to ContentType
  • Fixed: CP7174 Error creating any Publishing Site Column
  • Fixed: CP6168 Crash on add new site column type of "Image with formatting and constraints for publishing"
  • Fixed: CP7173 Type or namespace error when creating ribbon custom action
  • Fixed: CP7045/CP6066 Exception when Import List Instance
  • Fixed: CP6847 Exception when Import List Definition
  • Fixed: CP6868 Page Layout with custom content type used Welcome Page content type
v4.1.2.2904 (2013-04-29)
  • New: Delegate control recipe now provides all new delegate controls in SP2013 projects
  • New: New ItemEventReceivers added for SP2013 projects
  • Updated: SharePointVersions.xml to include build numbers and names up till SP2013 CU April 2013
  • Changed: Set the SPCAF default rules to the "ExtendedRecommendedRules.spruleset" for SPCAF (includes SP2010/2013 compatibility check)
  • Changed License to the weaker MS-PL to make it easier to use SPSF in customer projects
  • Changed: Removed unnecessary detailed logging to c:\SPSF.log file
  • Updated: HowTo's in SPSF help
  • Fixed: Encoding issue which happened in some environments with the PowerShell scripts of the deployment project (run "Update solution to current SPSF" recipe to fix existing projects)
  • Fixed: ItemEventReceivers recipe was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Site Column -> Person & Group was not setting "ShowField" property to "ImnName"
  • Fixed: List Definition property values for "Default" now in uppercase. "EnableModeration" remains CamelCase as requried by the XML schema
  • Fixed: Integrating SPCAF in local Release build failed in some cases (Get SPCAF)
  • Fixed: Integrating FxCop caused error in local Release build
v4.1.1.2493 (2013-03-27)
  • Generated links to resources in the _layouts folder were not linked correctly in SP2013 projects. The links have to point to _layouts/15, _controltemplates/15 etc. see also
  • Due to a bug in Visual Studio, SharePoint projects which reside in a solution folder are missing the "Deploy" command. So currently SPSF creates all projects in the solution root instead.
  • Fixed error in recipe "Update Solution to current SPSF" when trying to crate the deployment project
  • Fixed wrong VS version in csproj file of resources projects
v4.1.0.7601 (2013-03-17)
Prerequisites New Changes
  • Removed support for Visual Studio 2008/2010 (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for Hive project structure (use SPSF 3.2)
  • Removed support for MOSS2007
  • Renamed SharePointTargets.targets to SPSF.targets
  • Removed Farm Solution Deployment recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead), sandboxed solution and quick deploy are still included.
  • Removed debugging recipes (use VS or CKSDev instead)
  • Removed configuration project template
  • SharePoint project will still create WSP on every build but won't copy them to the deployment project
  • Deployment project collects all WSPs from the whole solution and has a build dependency on als SharePoint projects
  • Updated SharePoint version recipe to include all known SharePoint versions
  • Updated images to look nicer in VS2012
  • Selection treeviews now sorted and "[Elements in this solution]" is now on the top to find elements easier.
  • Improved general usability of dialogs/wizards
  • Administration page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Application page recipe now generates designer.cs
  • Uses any StyleCop Version
  • Fixed Feature Dependency dialog to show again "[Elements in this solution]"
  • Fixed Ribbon Tab Recipe
  • Fixed PSScript Recipe
  • Fixed Sequential Workflow not naming constructor correctly
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs and issues
Known Bugs
  • Project templates are not yet working, to add a new SharePoint project use the VS standard templates, move the project into the "Solutions" folder and run the "Update Project to current SPSF version" recipe
  • Site Definitions recipes are not yet updated to SP2013
  • The "Deploy" menuitem is missing due to a bug in VS2012 when SharePoint Projects are located in a solution folder
  • Some recipes create references to _layouts files in the default hive (14) instead of /15/ when creating artifacts for an SP2013 solution

Reviews for this release

This looks very cool! I feel like these would be a great addition to SideWaffle, rather than a separate project.
by KevinLeeBuchan on Mar 4, 2014 at 4:49 PM
Thanks, though not sure if this would work, as SPSF does so much more than just providing project and item templates :) But I will have a look at it, thanks!
Reply by matein78 (N/A) on May 23, 2014 at 11:20 AM
This sets the bar very high for free software on the Microsoft stack. Incredible work.
by oisin on Feb 28, 2014 at 10:18 PM
Thanks a lot!
Reply by matein78 (N/A) on May 23, 2014 at 10:24 AM
As a fairly new developer for SP2010, I spent a lot of time in vain trying to get a Visual Web Part working with postbacks. SPSF's Visual Web Part template had me back on track in minutes. THANK YOU!
by amccollough on Oct 11, 2013 at 12:21 AM
This is very good tool. I am using this tool since I was in Australia. A very good packs of utility and reduce development effort a lot.
by somesh_bhalerao on Jul 23, 2013 at 12:48 PM
I am using it since long time, save me lot of time. The best design tool for SharePoint.
by MichelCapdevila on Mar 17, 2013 at 11:07 AM