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what is a good value for <DeploymentSleep>

Mar 21, 2012 at 10:31 AM

Hello all,

in our deployment everthing runs fine in the test environment - single server farm.
When we try to deploy to production, we run in some problems that seems to belong to the multi server farm.
For example: Sometimes the features are available when trying to enable and the other time they are not.

In the ParamatersDefault.msbuild I found
<!-- Sleep timer after deployment, important in large farms -->

I'm wondering what is the recommended value for this tag.

Best regards


Mar 21, 2012 at 9:57 PM

Hi Michael, 

mostly I am doing fine with the default 1000ms.

The problem can occur in bigger environments in combination with complex solutions i.e with multiple WSP files to be deployed.
On deployment SharePoint is distributing the WSPs to all servers in the farm and installing them. Normally the deployment MSBuild task checks all servers in the farm if the deployment has been completed successful. But after a certain timeout we made it to continue anyways, so that the deployment script does not end up being stuck in an endless loop (important for automatic deployments ie. through TFS). In this case your described issue could occur.

Setting the timeout to more seconds might help you to resolve the issue but it is hard to say which delay is best in general.
So if you are experiencing these problems, you can just increase it step by step.

As you are probably not deploying that often to the production environment (at least not on a daily basis) you could also override the delay with a higher value i.e 10s only for the specific environment (similar to the samples in ParameterDefault.msbuild for the SiteUrl).